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Time-Where has it gone?

So it’s been quite sone time since I’ve posted to this blog-I have recently wondered why I started it with 3 other jobs ?

A few updates about my children’s book-I have recently gotten the book into a Therapy dog website and am hoping for more exposure – it has gotten several wonderful reviews-I am very happy children and Toy Fox Terrier owners are enjoying it out there.

Hoping to get started on more art work for the next book soon now that the holidays are over-fingers crossed.

For now getting ready for some much need sleep.

Saturday Morning…


So its Saturday morning-lots to do and so hard to concentrate with Lizzi on my chest and this little man  in my face- just want to play, play, play!  I have been busy, busy, busy on my marketing quest with The Adventures of Lizzi: Lizzi learns how to Fly-sending submissions out to several more possible carriers this morning.  I will never stop on a dream 4 years in the making.

Great Night!

I sent some books out on Monday and was delighted to get a tagged photo on Facebook of a little boy holding my book-too young to read but so loved the illustrations-it made my night and also got a couple more positive reviews from several other people that received my book The Adventures of Lizzi: Lizzi Learns How to Fly. And this book is available at this link now on my website:



Lizzi book cover-1.2 pag front


Things were good and then it all started about 7 years ago-one was without a job and the other was working but not making enough money to pay all the bills. The mortgage was behind and the other bills too. Eventually all the savings was gone. Tensions rise as bills became farther behind and the collectors were calling.

The one got a job after after 6 years but it was across the country so off they went to start over again. Then it wasn’t meant to be so back across the they went back home to start all over again another time.

The moral of this story be grateful for what you have because it all can be gone in the blink of the eye.

This is why I am so driven …

Keep going!!!!

imageOk so as much as I wanted to go to the beach I did not go today-since I was not called in to work I decided to utilize my time being as productive as I could to obtain my dreams and I will not stop!

I spent the morning revamping my website and Facebook page and then started my marketing pursuit to get my children’s book into stores. I know this will be a long road ahead but imagine the possibilities once I get them into a store. I like a challenge-I say bring it on!!!

Enough of me…

What is enough? I work pretty hard-to be honest I do what I can to earn a living- i have a on call job during the week-I sew for others-I have taken care of pets for people and groomed people’s pets for them too!

And most recently published a first children’s book. I did it all from the illustrations to the editing to making printing arrangements. I learned a lot. I am really proud that I actually turned my work into a book but some days I just ask myself is there enough of me? I sent a lot of books out yesterday so we will see.

For now a trip to the beach is in order for me. I see myself sitting on the pier just breathing the ocean air closing my eyes and just being me….


Spent part of the day thinking about all the new friends Lizzi will encounter on her next journey! I already have the illustrations in my head-its a matter of drawing them out-all the words will come later after I have the characters in place. This is my special imaginary play time along with the real Ms Lizzi sitting next to me on the couch and sometimes getting in the way of my pencil trying to draw illustrations out!

Finding Balance!

Where does the time in the day go? I don’t know about you but for me that is the hardest part of my day-finding balance between my day job and my creative side. Although I would much rather concentrate on my creative side by doing more illustrations for my next book in the series, I am still working at a day job every day.   My 1st book took me 4 years to complete-a tremendous accomplishment for me. My next book will be called “Lizzi Makes New Friends” and have already completed some preliminary drawings for it but surely hope it won’t take me as long to complete.